Who cannot see?

The obstacles are unseen – but very real – that prevent some contributing to society.

Yesterday, I heard of the experience of a disabled man in an electric wheelchair in Edinburgh.

He was accosted by two twelve-year-old boys, who switched off the power  in his chair and pushed him in front of the traffic in a busy street. It was shocking – appalling.

Yet, as a drama,  it has a point . It demonstrates  what happens to people with disabilities daily throughout society.

Their motivation is isolated and turned off. They are left in a place that is not of their choosing.  Society puts them in a position of being  unable to contribute anything, where they are  regarded as helpless and hopeless. Then they are labelled “disabled”.

Interestingly, the Police are looking for the two youths in the Edinburgh incident. Perhaps one day, when it is recognized that this episode is only the tip of the iceberg, they will widen their search.

When it is recognized that it is not appropriate to keep a citizen in their own home, week after week, month after month, against their wishes,  because they have a disability.

I learnt recently that prisoners are paid £25.00 per week. My mind boggled as I considered. If you have committed a crime, you receive free lodgings, your  bills are paid, and you get£25,00 per week . You are offered work, training, recreation, and access to computers.

Contrast that with the person with a disability, trying to live at home on benefits: paying bills, paying for food, paying rent or mortgage and paying for care. And what are they offered?

In whose name are such things done? Is it fair? Is it legal? Is it too much, for those who have committed no crime, to  want freedom?

We can all give voice – but we need people not only to hear but to listen. And after they have listened to have understood. With comprehension will come action. Look what can be done – with confidence, courage and determination.


If we could only see:  these are real individuals,  with the will to contribute.  At the moment, no-one sees who they are, or what they can do.

Linda Jane McLean


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