The Ultimate Scenario

 So,  now the doctors go on strike.  They do not get enough money in their Pension at £48,000, and £140,000 lump sum. There is great wailing and gnashing of teeth.

It does make one question: when do we have enough? If professionals see nothing wrong in behaving in this way, in displaying this amount of greed in this economic climate, we are doomed.

Greed is everywhere. I look around me at the growing (quite literally) population, and wonder….. when will we have eaten enough? I heard that the extra amount we consume is the equivalent of feeding 1 BILLION people.

 When will we care enough?  when will we understand that it is NOT ABOUT OURSELVES, BUT ABOUT OTHERS.

It is about how we behave.We have choices: we frequently use them badly.

We can enjoy so much at no cost. There is so much for free, that apparently  nobody values it any more.  Look outwards and upwards. Do not look inwards and downwards. What would happen in the ultimate scenario, when everyone only thinks of himself?

It’s just a good thing that God above
Has never gone on strike
Because he wasn’t treated fair,
Or things he didn’t like.
If he had ever once sat down
And said “That’s it. I’m through.
I’ve had enough of those on earth
 So this is what I’ll do.
I’ll give my orders to the sun:
Cut off your power supply,
And to the moon: give no more light
And run those oceans dry.
 Then, just to make it really tough
And put the pressure on
Turn off the air and oxygen
Till every breath is gone.”
Do you know He would be justified
If fairness was the game?
For no-one has been more abused
Or treated with disdain
Than God – and yet he carries on
Supplying you and me
With all the favours of His grace
And everything for free!
Men say they want a better deal
And so on strike they go,
But what a deal we’ve given God
To whom everything we owe.
We don’t care who we hurt or harm
To gain the things we like
But what a mess we’d all be in
If God should go on strike!
© Linda Jane McLean

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