I watched with interest the recent documentary on Ancient Greece, and the establishment of democracy. Drama, it informed us, was born at the same time.

“So what?” was my immediate reaction.

Yet the way the Greeks used drama was very different from how we do it today. Everyone on stage wore a mask for anonymity. The great playwrights of the day, such as Euripides, demonstrated on stage, with humour and tragedy,  what the people felt about decisions that Government made. Th actions of politicians were mocked: the difficulty of bizarre laws, which countermanded each other. Most importantly, the politicians were present to see and hear the mockery, and it caused  them to reflect on their decisions, seeing the reaction of the masses.

Great political decisions are made in Westminster which result in poverty for Scotland, such as the bedroom tax. This makes  us believe that we are poor – with all the consequences that brings


Now, think about it……..

What ability do Scots have to reflect these views and frustration to Westminster?  And there are thousands of us suffering.

Have the means been created whereby we, the people, can make our argument? Have they demonstrated any interest in how we feel?

How many sympathetic ears do we have down South?

The  SCOTLAND VOTE is about trust.

Is our Parliament set up, so it will not and cannot repeat the mistakes of Westminster?

Is it a listening body, able to reflect accurately the problems of Scotland?  I believe so.

The English argument has always contained the substance that “we are not able” to govern ourselves. Yet many countries our size or smaller have become successful. Why would England not wish this for us, with her paternalism?  If we are so dependant and needy,  England should be pleased to say goodbye to us. The English should be rubbing their hands with glee………..  if they speak the truth.

If it costs the Treasury money to keep Scotland afloat, with the size of the black hope in the economy,  would not a  YES! vote be welcome news for those South of the Border?

What is their problem?

Why are they so frightened of our departure that they are trying to produce a “NO” vote? Ot are they all just toeing the party line?

They cannot be trying to produce a NO vote if they  must sustain us financially: that does not make sense.

Take it down to family level. If you were hard up, and looking to save every penny, would you encourage people who could not take their weight and contribute to the household  to stay in your house? Would you not encourage them to leave, and become independent if they were such a drain on your finances?

Yet England does not treat us this way. England wants us to stay: to vote NO.


Must we remain cowed and voiceless for another generation, and have our future decided?

The future does not just happen: we now have a chance to MAKE IT.

It only requires self confidence – as displayed in Gigha.

The choice is yours.

© Linda Jane McLean

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