It has happened before.

People have been maligned and misunderstood: actions have been condemned through ignorance. And of course, it makes headlines, depending on who is doing the accusing.

When our Government assumes the moral high ground and fire on their most vulnerable citizens it causes surprise and disbelief.

When they accuse those who have disabilities of being “scroungers” – it hurts.

When the Press consolidate that belief  by presenting it as fact, it causes anger. When the ordinary person begins to believe it, it is demoralising;  when you begin to realise that this is how family and friends perceive you, it is tragic.

As disabled people, we are harassed and hassled by Government systems. We are deprived of our rightful income, to which we contributed over many years. We are deprived of  any means of redress. Again and again, letters say “You have no right of appeal.”

It appears that they can do as they please.

We must tolerate gross invasion of our privacy and financial loss at aberrant decisions. We do not deserve  an enquiry into this ill treatment: we have no right to any compensation for loss. What  we require, apparently, is to be scrutinised even more closely.

Our savings reduce, so  that credit card bills and mortgages cannot be paid. Insurers make claims as difficult as possible. I know that I will receive no compensation for the thousands of pounds that were put aside for a rainy day.

That  ATOS could ensure that I could not pay off my Mortgage, was unbelievable.

Politicians of every hue have made mistakes before. This is a classic from the WW2, where the ARMY were accused by Lady Astor of avoiding their duty by fighting their way up Italy instead of taking part in the D-day landings. Furious at the accusation, they made up the following song: their voices resounded from town to town.


What if the last line went:

“Disabled by the system in this Democracy?”

What if we try the same tactic again?

Linda Jane McLean


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