Honour Shand

Fighting for others

Fighting for others

Each and everyone here is the face of disability. We must all face it at some time in our lives. You may be a disabled person, a best friend, a parent, child, sibling or neighbour.  Perhaps you are a medical professional or researcher. Whatever your connection, you are a face that will make it real for the public.

Every one of us needs to be an ambassador for disability, to spread the word and effect change. We all have a story, some very gripping, and all worth relating.

We do not need any one else to champion our cause. We are the champions, and we require to do be effective in this role: to become knowledgeable, to learn the facts, to try to understand politics, to think of effective and efficient ways to change the system.

If we speak from our heart courageously, frequently and passionately, we will serve others by highlighting the difficulties, and helping towards a solution.

Shand built a wonderful foundation to push for Research as well as quality of life issues.

The view awaiting

Honour Shand by carrying his work onwards and upwards: demonstrate how much his sacrifices mean. Unable to feed himself or lift a cup he worked tirelessly, with the foresight to create an Empowerment  Centre.

No- one is now interested in the house and Research Centre he created. I believe that we cannot, MUST NOT  in these economically straitened times, allow his effort to go to waste.

Forward Without Fear!



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