Using the NHS in Scotland

”Can the NHS cope in its present format? Let’s examine, for example, what happens in France, when you phone Dr.X’s practice.

1. When you dial the number, only the doctor answers.
2. There are no recorded messages, and no receptionist between you and the doctor.
3. The doctor knows you personally, and understands how urgent or non-urgent your request is.
4. A time is agreed that is mutually convenient, allowing you the length of discussion time you think you might need.
5. Should you require ANY further treatment or operation that the GP is not able to provide, you can choose when – from the FOLLOWING DAY onwards.

Would you like to be treated in a similar fashion?

Similarly, from the administrative viewpoint:

The surgery is reduced to the minimum number of staff, with maximum efficacy.
There is no frustration for patients, because communication is straightforward and direct.
There is a secretary, who writes up case notes, but remains very much in the background, and is not seen by the patient.
There is absolute confidence that whatever is wrong will be attended to promptly and efficiently

Think on the wage bill it must save each surgery……..I know that are at least 5 ancillary workers in mine plus a Practice Manager, who will not be earning peanuts.

The people who explained this service to me were English, but had moved to France. They commented \”We don\’t know how we put up with the NHS for so long!\”

I know someone else who has moved abroad, and it is most important to him and his family that he is able to keep the standard of treatment they have received abroad.

With more bang for your buck, with a more patient friendly service, with all the bureaucracy removed, can you blame them?

Linda Jane McLean

Using the NHS in Scotland.


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