Inspiration Leads the Way.

Times are tough, huh? There are going to be cuts in jobs and services.

Yet we have been here before. We have had far less than we have now.

What would use all the talents of our citizens?What would  stop them falling into despair and destroying the environment?

What about a project? The people must decide from the very few resources that they have available to them what to make of it. What is most important to them? What does the Community need?

A competition could start on some of our empty buildings, and make them useful again.

Think about this:

Two Nissan huts were once built on Orkney. You don’t get much cheaper or less cheerful.

These huts were given to Italian Prisoners of War,  A work of lovewho had been sent to these remote Islands to work on the Churchill Barriers. Strangers in a strange land, they had repeatedly asked to be allowed to make a place of worship. Something that would bring comfort and be familiar to them.

Thus, with two  huts joined together the work started.

From metal workers to painters and artists, they took a pride in the finished item.They had no money, but they cared.They used everything at their disposal. From bully beef cans as candle holders to scraps of metal for the iron work.

Who would think of dipping a lorry spring in cement to make the font look as if it stood on a barley sugar twist stem? Someone who understands how to use whatever is at hand – all his resources. High ideas – produced from very little.

It stands today – attracting more money than its nearest neighbours.  Yet it has no congregation, no minister, and no services. What is on offer here is peace: an understanding of peace that perhaps only prisoners of war know. Men stop on their way home from work and sit and contemplate a while. Worried women go to find comfort.

It is never closed – yet no Business Plan could have created this. The passion hits you still as a physical force,

And I tell you this: from the minute the door is opened and you see inside, you are enthralled: that so much could be given by the many to so few.

©Linda Jane McLean


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