The Challenge

If you have read a bit about me, you will understand my motives.
Sometimes it is most helpful for
Grit and Determination

to fight side by side.

Sometimes it was important that he had the ability to look the part by himself.

Wheelchair users can look good too!

There were so many opportunities to shine for him, and he grasped them all.

He piloted an Independent Living project: He brought back the first computerised car from America: he helped me develop a template for High Dependency/Intensive Care in the Community.

So look at what he achieved – and he was not wealthy – he had no pension, no insurance, and he had been forced to stop working.

He could not lift a cup or feed himself. He could not scratch his mustache.

But he never despaired. He always looked for inspiration.

There would always be something better tomorrow….Showing the world how it's done.It’s all in the attitude.

He believed this when he went to the lengths that he did to drive. With no ability to move from the neck down, it was a problem. When you pushed him to one side, he could not correct his posture.

Every professional told him he was mistaken, foolhardy and rash, he continued to believe in his own judgement. It took two years, but he is driving the car in the picture. He drove it  from Scotland to Silverstone and back again.

He was independent once more – able to access and exit the car without help due to technology. He drove for five years. He went from becoming simply a service receiver to someone who could offer a service.

He was suddenly in great demand at parties and barbeques.

He maintained a full social life to the end.

Inspiring, isn’t it?

What a difference Empowerment makes.

Linda Jane McLean


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